Tiger + Lily

Friday, May 11, 2012

 I'm not going to kid you- the images were beautiful when first taken, as were the tiger lilies, but they needed editing, as most photos do. But the second one barely needed any because it was. so. glorious.

In other news, I've refreshed the design of CinderScoria's blog, so if you have her button on your own site, grab the new one. I've also started a photography blog, which some one you might have stumbled upon when viewing my about page. If so, you get cookies. And no, not the deceptive, evil raisin cookies that love to inflict unspeakable crimes on the human race all whilst trying to pose as chocolate chip cookies. 

They should be public enemy number one.

Speaking of chocolate, you have no idea how stinking funny it is to try and talk about Heaven, Hell and Damnation on a forum when its insane profanity blocker turns the word Hell and the phrase 'the opposite of Heaven' into 'chocolate'. I kid you not. Chocolate, people. One sentence in someone's post was reduced to 'God sending someone to chocolate'.

Why would God send someone to chocolate?

And now I must tell myself not to fall over laughing. Have a great weekend everyone!

stay rad,
the princess of words


  1. That chocolate/hell mess up was HILARIOUS!!! Poor Amaranthine.

  2. Cute pictures!

    I love tiger lilies, they're so pretty!

  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Ooh, that second photo is glorious! Look at the rays of sunlight! And the focus on the fifth one is good, too. :) Nice shots - and great job on CinderScoria's design!

    Also, chocolate as a substitute for Hell...it just doesn't work! Almost anyone you point to loves chocolate. Using it to replace Hell makes it sound like people would want to go to Hell, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole concept. xD LOL

  4. XD XD XD

    We made that word sensor you know...XD I'm thinking it could use some adjustments.

    I also love when Tahiri said "I'm pretty sure chocolate is in heaven...not the other place". XD

    TLF keeps me young. XD

  5. Hey, Annika! I just came across your blog via your comment on Lucia's. Thanks so much for putting Geek Chic on your list of favorite blogs! :) Your design looks great - I especially like the post date background.
    These photos are so pretty!

  6. In response to your comment on my blog - thanks! :) I didn't exactly use a template for the photo on my about me page. I used Poladroid - it's a computer program you can download for free, just Google it - to make four different pictures, and then I just combined them in a Picnik collage. That was before Picnik went away... so sad!


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