Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alright, I could easily post 'BEST. BOOK. EVAR. GO READ IT LIKE, NOW' and get the entire gist of this post, but that wouldn't be fair to my readers.
Note: the text of spoilers have been colored dark grey with a matching background--highlight at your own risk.

Overall: ****

This book is one of the best ones I've ever read. The first couple chapters, I'll admit I procrastinated, but it didn't take long for the roller coaster that is Matched to pick up. Cassia was a fully rounded, likable character who's head was an honor to be inside of. The inclusion of the famous Dylan Thomas poem Do not go gentle into that good night rounded out the story perfectly, and was a major and interesting plot point. The ending also leaves you hungry for more, which is good especially since there is more in the next installment, Crossed.
For those of you worried about the content of this book, there is next to no true violence and the closest thing you get to actual sexual content is reference to kissing or kissing- two, maybe three times. The scenes aren't overly detailed. That and how the Matching system is perfected so the couple can have healthy children. And seeing how this set in however many years in the future in a setting dedicated to purging just about every other sign of the past, I don't remember any cursing.

plot: ****

Every twist and turn was like a loop-de-loop. This might be an exaggeration to people who disliked or haven't read the book, but trust me, Cassia's every problem, ache, regret and tear was my own. I nearly cried when the Society took away everyone's artifacts {the equivalent of heirlooms, but more lowkey than say, a tiara}.

characters: ****

Well rounded, well-written all with pasts and secrets of their own that contributed to the plot? What book-lover could ask for more? For me, the only problem was Em{ily?}. While she advanced a lot of sizable, but not huge side-plots, the book could have easily gone without her, even though she was very likable. Xander was slightly sueish, but that was what made you enjoy him. 

worldbuilding: ***

This book has some of the best and deepest worldbuilding I've even seen, even compared to Harry Potter. Creepy government who monitors just about everything- even dream patterns? Check. Laws that could either make you roll your eyes or twitch in your seat? Check. Slow acts of defiance that began to grow into something more? Check. Officials that send tingles up your spine? Check. Perhaps one of the most interesting worlds since the Wizarding World, Republic City and  The Galaxy Far, Far Away all rolled into one? CHECK!



  1. Great review! :D I've heard of this book and I thought it had looked interesting and after reading your review, I want to read it even more :).

  2. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Nice review! I've seen Matched all over the place, and it seems like either everyone is either raving about it, or else they're saying, "eh, just another one of your average dystopias". You make it sound really good, though! Thanks for sharing. :)


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