Sunday, May 6, 2012

The above pictures were a sibling's idea... I'm surprised at how well they turned out, actually. I mean, it's a Beyblade. An admittedly striking one, though- I just love that shade of red.
 Anyways, you've probably noticed how the image says 'pix&poppy photography' by now. I don't have a photography business or blog {yet...} but I think the name fits. Pix comes from the HTML shortening of 'pixels' {px}, and poppy from... well, I'm not sure. It just popped into my head, and hey, it's a fun word.

I'm almost done with the new blog design; just working out the kinks and putting on the finishing touches. I feel a little prouder than usual about this one. Maybe because I used complementary colors, coordinated fonts and all that snooty stuff this time around. Ha.
By the way, I've decided to stop using a signature. It'll make the design process easier- because let's face it, I barely remember to make and change my button and favicon. I'd rather eat squid eyes--which are beyond creepy looking--than go through and delete/replace the image on the first three posts on the homepage every single time I change my design {which is often, mostly because I enjoy designing} anyways, so buh-bye siggie, hello... no siggie.

But seriously, if I sign off a post with 'your resident wordbender' {kudos to you Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra fans who get it} or one of my many nicknames that happen to be derived from the work pink, don't worry. It's just an Annika thing. ;) 

strut your stuff,

PS} If you still see the old favicon {like me}, don't worry, your--and my-- browsers' caches should catch up soon. 


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    I like the name Pix&Poppy, it's really cute! And so is your new design. I love the links. :)

    Also, on the subject of the signature, you should check out this tutorial. It tells you how to add your signature to the post footer, where labels and such go, so it will automatically be added to all of your past and future posts! And you can easily change it with each new design, and it will automatically change on all of those posts. It's awesome. ;)

  2. Oh, I've known how to do that for a long time. I meant like, once I change my design, a bunch of old siggies still linger in my earlier posts. :)

  3. Nice colors on your new design ^_^
    aww pix&poppy is SUCH a cute name! awesomeness ^_^


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