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Monday, May 14, 2012

This weekend was... a little crazy. A weird mashup of Young Justice, Legend of Korra, Big Time Rush premieres and Mother's day. Oh, and writing. Definitely writing.

On another note, I've sampled Blood of Eden: Immortal Secrets by Julie Kagawa. I thought it would be way too paranormal and have a horrible MC, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vampires don't just flat out dominate the entire story, even though they're definitely there. But I figured that the MC get's turned into a vampire before I even saw the trailer. I guess that's what the back of a book cover can do to you.
Once I get this one little Artemis Fowl back into the hands of the librarians, I can put it on hold, along with a few other books I want to read, like Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Two words: Looks. Awesome.

Have you noticed that way too many books and movies for us readers and cinema lovers to keep up with are coming and will come out this year? I mean, Avengers, the last Artemis Fowl book, the final Matched book, Mark of Athena, Brave, A Girl Named Digit and tons of other books and movies that look so cool, all coming out before Christmas? That's a liiiiiiitle crazy.

stay sane {or not},
the bookworm

PS} Get this song out of my head. It's way too catchy, even for Big Time Rush. And just look at James and Kendall. The-guy-who-sends-people-to-chocolate knows it's all their fault.


  1. Ohmigosh. You just made my day!! I had no idea when the third Matched book was coming out. November is a long ways off... Oh, well, at least that'll give me something besides my novel to read during NaNoWriMo.

  2. ISN'T IT AMAZING?! I heart those boyyyssssss... Carlos is a very sexy dancer... *drools* *wipes drool* Anyways...

  3. "STAY SANE"?! You're trying to kill me, I know it. I don't do "sane".
    I'm excited for Artemis Fowl as well, though I can't say the same for the rest you listed.
    Nice to find your blog!

    Liam, Head Phil


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