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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey, I noticed something- one of my most popular posts of all time is the Luxsoka one I did after a Fiend Friend In Need aired.  With 291 page views. 

Whoa. Okay... heheh. 

Speaking of the Clone Wars... THE SEASON FINALE AIRS NEXT WEEK!!!!!  Ahem. Fangirl moment there... 
Anyway, I have some reservations because one: Ventress is being 'baptized' into black magic, as StarWars.com says (in Mother Talzin's section). Ummmm, wha?! 

I love Fantasy and Mythology and writing Sword and Sorcery is fun and all, but come on. I think they're going way too far. This is Sci-Fi, not whatever you call this atrocity. I want explosions, not magic. It really is just the Force, but the way it is presented as... dark magic, well, yeah. In fact, I just recently saw the original Nightsister arc a couple weeks ago. I only enjoyed Anakin and Obi-Wan, and even then I was still glad I had skipped those episodes originally. 


I am suddenly tempted to remake my blog all white with pink for the accents. Yes, you read/heard right. Of course, I will keep this design for a bit more. Something where the accents could go from pink, to blue to purple or whatever and there won't be major changes. It still bugs me I can't make the changes I really want to with Minima yet. Oh well, a little more trial and error won't hurt anything. ;)

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