Less is More When It Comes to Blog Designs

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey, see that adorable little list of blogs on my sidebar and the marquee? No, wait. The blogroll loves to pull a disappearing act and erase all my links. So it's just the marquee now. But I think I'll list the main reasons why I choose read these blogs:  

  • They're funny
  • They make me think
  • I can relate to the author 
  • It's interesting in general
  • I have something in common with the author
  • It has an awesome design

And the list goes on. But, I think I need to elaborate on the last one, as while the others depend on the person and their writing skills, that could be remedied . 'Awesome Design'  does not mean some kind of neon colored nightmare template with tons of curly, eye watering fonts with just about every gadget imaginable and ads galore.


Awesome Design, in my book, equals simple, easy to read, neat, presentable, and compact. The things that impress me when it comes to blog's design may be a drop down accordion menu, a well made header or even a neat image that changes to another one when you hover your mouse instead of a header.

Have you ever had that disappointment when you come across a blog with a neat design, but one week later you find it on some free blog templates site? That is one of the worst feelings. Ever.

Okay, not really; I was just joking. Still, it is kind of a let down. But you almost can't blame people. Most blogs with a custom, really nice design almost always use Minima. It's a great template, but it's almost impossible to do more than some amateur changes without a good amount of knowledge about HTML and/or CSS. Preferably HTML, since, unlike with the new templates, HTML does more on an everyday basis when it comes to the old ones.  To help you out, I have a few resources and tutorials:

Also, here is the code for making a button/content/text marquee:

Paste as many button codes as you want to in there! Just erase the capitalized text. Also, make sure to check that it works using the 'Practice Your HTML Here' link above before pasting it into an HTML gadget.

If you are using the new blogger dashboard, do this to achieve Minima: 

1. Go to your Dashboard
2. Click onYour Blog
3.Click on the Wrench in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the old Blogger interface
4.Go to Edit HTML
5. Scroll to bottom and click Old Template
6. Choose Minima and click Save. Click the 'Try Updated Blogger Interface' link at the top of the page. 

Have fun!


  1. You are right. *bows* You are soooooooooo right about the design thing.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the post :)


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