Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Okay, truthfully, I've never been big on Valentine's Day. It doesn't make sense, though. Things that are pretty and sparkly and pink have my name all over them. A whole holiday about that kind of stuff and I just ignore it, thinking it an excuse to charge double for chocolate.


On another note, I know I change my blog design often. But I am never satisfied until I get it to what I temporarily perceive as perfect. The very first design was elementary, my dear Watsons. I changed it because I couldn't stand that weird blue-yellow-pinkish-white background and what I now realize was an ugly chandelier. Then I moved to the Shabby Blogs Background, which I found too fancy and a bit stuffy. Then the minimal, all white one. Then the grayscale one. But I think I will keep the current one, since I worked hard on it.  Offhandedly, it almost looks like something Qui from (it's now retired, the next link is just for reference) Fine and Dandy Blog Designs would make. Huh. But I have noticed a lot of  blogs she's designed are similar... oh, well. I don't think I'm too bad at it, though. ;)   

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