Artemis Fowl...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Okay, I will admit when I first heard about it, I thought it was just another crummy series with another anti-social anti-hero. But for the sake of it, I picked up Eternity Code and Opal Deception, the latter of which I'm reading now.   
They are just amazing! I mean, the villains are ingenious, the hero isn't too good, and his alienation and awkwardness among others around his age is relateable, in a twisted way. And the plots keep you on the edge of your seat right till the last page. 
Artemis is seriously the male personification of awesomeness (Ahsoka being the female one.)
One of the things I really like about this series is the blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I love both genres and are constantly torn between them, so this is a fresh breath of air.

So with that, I only have one thing to tell you if you have a minute:

            Pick up a copy Artemis Fowl. You won't regret it.

P.S. I don't really like how they keep trying to show him as a short, playing-dress-up type of kid in a suit. In the graphic novel, he looks 7, not 13, in my opinion. I see him as a sharp, tall, pale boy with black hair and narrow eyes, not... a baby faced dude with red glasses.


  1. AH. I read the first one a while back! I liked it enough to read it, but then I verbally bashed it (sorry). BUT now I have certain, ahem, STIRRINGS of likingn-ess towards it. Maybe...since you like it so much... maybe I should pick up the second book O_O must the books be read in order or...?

  2. XD Glad you like it, Pinkeh :P Read the first one! It's even more epic than the Eternity Code.

    Artemis Fowl=life.

  3. @Lee: LOL! I didn't have a high opinion of it at first when I heard about it, but it's amazing! You don't have to read them in order. I started with Eternity Code ;)

    @Amaranthine: Oh, yeah, it's epic all right! Really? I'll have to get it, then! :D By the way, thanks for following ;)

  4. I'm really glad you like Artemis! The rest of the series is as just as wonderful, I assure you.:)



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