Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hiya! Annika here. Today we're going to talk about an ongoing debate in the world of writing: Fiction vs. Nonfiction. While I do admit that I side with fiction because it is overall much more enjoyable for me to read and write, I will admit nonfiction has a place. But you do have to draw a line. Haven't you noticed at most libraries entire encyclopedia volumes just sit there for years on end, unopened,while the computers nearby whirl like crazy to keep up with every command? I swear those World Books haven't moved since I was five...

Anyways, pretty much the only reason I haven't really read The Hunger Games by now (besides not wanting to spend 8 dollars on something I will only read once or twice) is because there are like 30+ holds on everything related to it, including the Spanish dubbed audio books. 
Now, that doesn't mean that fiction is in anyway better, just in higher demand. But this is in terms of books, not the internet. Nonfiction does have the internet in its real-life encrusted fist. But with the emergence of sites like,, Wattpad, Figment and even e-books, this might change. Only time will tell, but it does makes sense to some extent. 

Now, I ask you, readers: What do you think? 


  1. I think non-fic is good if you want to learn something. If you want to read more about History, certain people, you'll need to grab a non-fic. But, I much prefer fiction for fun reading. And, you CAN learn stuff in fiction. It is just harder, as you have to weed out the true from the fiction.

  2. Very true post i agree though some nonfiction books I love and still are my faves (like Heavan is for real) in general fiction is much more in demand and much more popular but like you said nonfiction still has a place and may once again become popular again at least online who knows. But in my opinion except for a few exceptions fiction is better

  3. Jedigirl, I LOVED Heaven is For Real! I do a fair amount of nonfiction reading, and although it's definitely not as appealing to me as fiction.
    And nonfiction is a lifesaver for research projects! :P


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