Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hiya! Annika here. I have recently found a new love in addition to my obsession with writing: screenwriting! It was sparked yesterday when I was debating whether or not to do the Script Frenzy YWP  and was checking out the site and reading the info and guides. For some reason, when it hit me I could make my TV Show/Movie a promotional poster, I suddenly became very interested. After that I had an idea and everything was smooth sailing.

 But I got way too excited and started on what I decided to be the 13 episode first season of my show, The Powers That Be. It follows the adventures of 13 year old Fae Powers and her 12 year old little brother, Ryan. They have to prevent the Black Magicians from finding the 12 shards of an ancient Mayan disc that has the power to destroy the world. They have to destroy all the shards to prevent the Black Magicians from using the power for their own selfish agendas.

So, I know a lot of you might not know exactly how screenwriting works, so to demonstrate today we have Elice and Rob.



A large bedroom comes into view, full of many pink frills. The entire room is pink with lace on every surface. Sitting on the bed is ELICE (12), a small girl with brown hair and eyes.

                   It's so boring today...

ROB (11), a tall boy with freckles and braces, enters.

             Only boring people are bored.

                 (rolls eyes)
                    Very funny. 

That's that basic idea. I could go on for pages and pages with their conversation, but we only needed a snippet. Note that action and description is done in present tense, which is somehow easier to write in while doing this for some reason.
Now, I also know a lot of you think that Courier is one of the ugliest fonts out there. I used to not like it very much either, but it does have easy readability, I'll give it that. And there's another reason why it pretty much the only font that is used for screenwriting: it is rumored that Hollywood executives will throw entire scripts away without reading one word if it is not in this font

Yep. O.o

These are the main types of scripts:

Screenplays: a script for a movie.
Stage Plays: a script for a play.
TV Scripts: a script for a TV Show. Also called a Teleplay.
Comic Book Scripts: believe it or not, comic books and graphic novels are scripted before the artists even think sharpening their pencils. 

Okay, if you want to learn more, here are some resources:

Well, that's today's post. May the Force be with you!


  1. Very cool! That's awesome that your writing your own television show; I wish well on that :).
    I love writing screenplays. It's definitely something I will do for a living(as well as acting, writing books, and directing).

  2. Screenwriting?! OH HO HO! :D Niiiiice! :D VERY cool. I love the style and format, y'know? And methinks it a good skill too...

  3. Hey, I would of commented more but I had been off my computer for a week. ANYWAY I'm back now!
    I love this post! As a filmmaker I love scripts or anything of this nature! May the Force be with you on your project! XD


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