Snippets of Story- February

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hiya! Annika here. I found this lovely little 'Monthly Blog Thingy' as Kate from Whisperings of the Pen calls it through The Director's blog . You have to post snippets of things you've written, including fanfiction if you want, as long as it's your own. So, here we are:

"Roll call!" Ms. Polowski said in her gruff, biker-esque voice. Her beady eyes swept over the entire 7th grade English class, stopping on me briefly. For some reason, I was a trouble maker in her eyes, even though I was almost always framed or no one could prove I did whatever I was being accused of. It started in first grade, when someone broke one of the schools toys and blamed me. That teacher told another, the another, all the way up to  Ms. Polowski, 7th grade torturer extraordinaire . But you almost couldn't blame her. Even though I was far from a delinquent, I looked the part. Not extreme punk, but lots of black. On black. With black. Even my hair was black.- Zoe Knight, Night's Prophecy 

“Why is it so cold?” Victoire shivered. “My toes feel as if they’re made of stone.” She wiggled her toes in her boots for emphasis, even though no one could see.“You really are very childish for a twelve year old girl, do know that?” Agnès smirked.“Yes, and you are very serious for a seventeen year old girl. Now, answer my question: why is it so cold?” The girl’s breath came out in a foggy cloud.“It’s cold because the sun hasn't risen and it’s winter.” Victoire nodded, showing that her sister’s answer was satisfying. Even though she now understood why it was so cold; it didn’t really seem to make the crisp November air any warmer. She sighed, glancing at the gray winter sky and early morning fog.- Victoire Leroux, Victoire, a Novel 

“Hey, Carrot Hair!” Stella’s 16 year old brother Cameron teased her the moment she had crossed the threshold. He had called her that since she was eight; when his eighth grade English teacher had made his entire class read Anne of Green Gables.      “Hey, Tinsel Teeth.” She said, smirking at his braces.  Cameron went red in the face. He was very sensitive about his braces. “Oh yeah-!” he started, but was cut off by his sister, who was standing on the landing above them.  “Put a sock in it, Cameron,” Stella called down. “Come on up here, Rory.” - Rorina Stevenson-Homer, Time Traveling Tweens 

Thanks for reading! Even though I wrote some of this stuff in Summer 2011, I'd love some feedback :D


  1. Thanks for joining Snippets of Story, Annika!

    These bits of your stories are all very interesting and great fun to read. I especially love how creative you are with names. Your characters all have such lovely, elegant, and interesting names.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Thank you! Oddly enough, my characters mostly spring from names :)


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