Present Tense, Stylized Lists and Other Things of Note

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The cloaked maiden floats through the hall, her dress, which is the color of a sky that can't choose between sunny or cloudy, trailing behind her. You can't see her face, but somehow you know she is beautiful . As she walks away over the black and white tiles, you are left alone in the grand, deserted hallways. 

An attempt at present-tense... Nah, still don't like writing it. 

Also, I noticed that Qui from Freckles and Pointe Shoes has this neat little thing where she does these type of stylized lists. I think I'll try it:

<< Loving >>

Star Wars
Followers <3

<< Wishing >>

That August would come
That it was NaNoWriMo every month

<< Listening >>

Unstoppable- China Anne McClain
Watch Me- Bella Thorne and Zendaya
                                                               Hit the Lights- Selena Gomez


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  1. Oh I LOVE that picture!! I dunno exactly why but I love it!!
    Yeah present tense can be rather awkward!! You pulled it off fine though :)


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