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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I think the reason I like photography is that for a forgetful person, it's a way to remember. But my camera is a little… insane when it comes to dates. While I'll often set the correct date and time, it'll revert to factory settings. And when I open up various photos on my computer they claim to be taken last year, or in January when it's August, or at 3:00 AM when it's 7:00 PM.

Again, insane.

It annoyed me at first, and my lazy streak is way too long to allow going through and *gasp* fixing the dates I do remember. So after a while, my camera is no help. My "2013" photos folder once had a much more rigorous dating system—now, it's simply divided up into months and left at that.

Last night, I was editing and saving photos, clearing out Lightroom, and generally just preparing my photos library for next year. I saw pictures that made me cringe and pictures that left me in awe. Most of the time I couldn't recall anything other than a month or a feeling or a place. And those things are timeless, I think. Most of the time.

Here are some of the favorites:

happy 2014

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