For The Rainy Days Within // A Playlist

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the august break, 2013 - day 07 the august break, 2013 - day 07 the august break, 2013 - day 07 the august break, 2013 - day 07Uh. I guess I've fallen a bit four days behind on my August Break project… despite the fact that, yes, I have been taking pictures. Just, you know, not getting around to posting them. (I even did the 8th's prompt—a selfie! No, I'm not going to post that one, but still.)

Anyway, it's been raining a lot. I really do mean a lot when I say a lot, but I don't mind rain too much if it's not the depressing kind, you know? I've figured out you can tell whether or not rain is depressing by seeing if the Earth looks beat up or refreshed once the storm's passed.

But the other day I realized that even when it's mild out we can still have our own rainy days inside of us. Or maybe not even inside—just floating over our heads for 24 hours, Eeyore style. So I made a playlist that's short, but will hopefully make someone's internal (or floating) rainy day a bit sunnier. Happy listening.

For the Rainy Days Within by annika on Grooveshark

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