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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I've never thought of myself as brave. I'm still scared of the dark and won't watch Brave (can you spot the irony?) alone at 4 in the afternoon because of Mor'Du reasons.

But it recently occurred to me that though I may not wrestle lions or disable nuclear bombs, maybe I am, just a little, brave. And that maybe you are too. Because bravery isn't just doing awesome things. It's staring fear in the eyes and telling it to get out of town. It's playing tag in the rain and totally ignoring the thunder + lightning. It's looking like a fool while dancing around to Katy Perry by yourself, knowing that you do, and doing it anyway. It's making something you hate and deciding it doesn't define you or what you're capable of. It's going on your blog and looking at posts from a year ago and seeing that, in one or many ways, you've improved. It's knowing we're all stories in the end and choosing early on that yours will be a good one. It's taking a look at a relationship, seeing it's a dementor and yelling expecto patronum. It's deciding you matter, even if only to Him. It's crying yourself to sleep and waking up with a smile. It's when a baby tries to stand and falls flat on their rear end and tries again--a thousand times over.

It is simply just having the courage to be yourself.

xoxo | annika

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