I Am...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

inspired by abby (with permission).

i am the pink in a flower
i am an inside joke
i am the crunch of amber leaves
i am a sunny day

i am a baby's impossibly deep laugh lines
i am a silver lining
i am happy tears (and sometimes sad ones)
i am a goal reached

i am a good book
i am addition and subtraction
i am a black and white photo
i am wibbly-wobbly, and sometimes spacey-wacey
i am a knit hat
i am a fresh pack of pencils
i am an April shower

i am the clickety-clack of a keyboard
i am an army of bubbles
i am the deep blue sea
i am an uncontrollable laugh

i am a soft bed
i am a swirly whirlpool
i am old green bottles

i am the shifting sand
i am an overfilled moleskine
(sometimes) i am ruby red
(and other times) i am gloomy grey

i am the watched pot
i am an a near empty inkwell
i am the most illegible cursive
i am a blooming flower

i am jumping jacks
i am violin solos
i am long drives
i am notes scribbled in the margins

i am the mild winter days
i am the coziest nights
i am bear hugs
i am the sweat on a glass of sweet tea
i am the warmth of hot cocoa

i am foggy moors
i am a broiling desert

i am the last stand
i am the, "For Narnia!"
i am the last supper

but most of all
i am me.

xoxo | annika


  1. (sometimes) i am ruby red
    (and other times) i am gloomy grey

    Love it. Great job, Annika!

    1. Thanks so much, Abby! :)

  2. Beautiful, almost as good as Abby's and that's saying something! :)


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