the coming of home {guest post}

Sunday, August 26, 2012

a place so often forgotten, a place that goes unnoticed most every hour. we see it each day. we drive by the familiar fields and buildings, thinking i'll see you again. but when it comes time to leave this dear place, when the time comes to say goodbye to the old house with the ivy climbing up its side, everything stands out. every blade of grass, every cotton ball, everything the morning light wakes up and the evening light whispers goodnight to. it all becomes precious, lovely, beautiful. 
you say you will see them all again, every single day. you tell the front door i'll open you tomorrow, and your bed i'll sleep here tonight. but there will be times when you have to say goodbye to those things. someday you may move, or maybe you'll travel the world, all with the intentions of coming back.
somehow, you will find yourself back home. someday, you'll fulfill your promise to the the front door, and your lonely bed inside your bedroom. no matter where you go, they will be there to welcome you back home. 
because, home is where your heart will always be.
xo, gracie

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