Bon Voyage!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 *all photos SOOC and shot with a Fujifilm Finepix XP50*

In two days, I shall board a plane. In two days, I'll be flying into the unknown, the yet to be discovered...

Otherwise known as Orlando, Florida, USA. Which I have visited before. *cracks up at previous line* 

I have also lined up two guest posters for you guys. I may or may not have already told you who they are (if so, darn). BUT, look out for their posts on the 24th and 26th.


+ new camera? i think yes. it's no nikon, but those can't shoot underwater. ;)
+ I think I'll hold off on the blog relaunch for a bit--I can't even figure out what I want the new design to look like. Grrrr. Stay tuned for updates, though. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures, so excited to see you in a few days!!! :)
    Grace/JC/Fallon <3

  2. hey i live a few minutes from orlando! it'd be kinda cool if we could meet :) have fun on your trip and good luck with your relaunch/design. :)

  3. Hey! You'll only be like, 5 hours (?) away from me! XD

  4. have a great time! and love the new camera! I wish my nikon could be used underwater :)


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