Some Solutions for the {Practical} Fulfillment of a Common Writers' Fantasy

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The idea of a typewriter is probably very romanticized now days. It probably used to be fairly hard work to get the best of it, and grammatically and spelling mistakes weren't fun. But today, we have computers, tablets, phones and all sorts of other things, so there is no longer really a use for them anymore.


Well, while that is probably true, one of the most famous aspects of the typewriter is it's sound. The clackity-clack, the bding, the wistch. And I don't know this because I have a typewriter, it's because I'm listening to those sounds right now. You see, I have a freeware installed on my computer that sounds like a typewriter whenever I type. I can turn it off while by pressing the mute button. It doesn't interfere with videos and music, since I probably don't type while watching or listening to them them.

Now, while Word is great, sometimes it can be a little... confusing. Which is why I like the fullscreen, minimal word processor Dark Room. It's also freeware, and don't worry about that slightly weird black and green combination- by right clicking (in the program) and choosing 'Preferences', you can change the font and background color to whatever you want. I personally like a black background with white font for nighttime, and vice versa for day.

Now, why don't we both go live out our typewriter fantasies? Even if you don't write the Great American/Your Country Novel, I do hope you have some fun writing your Great Novel.

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  1. I've actually got one of those old-fashioned typewriters, kind of like the one in the photo, and I can tell you from experience - they're a pain in the butt to use! I have to type with two fingers because the keys are so hard to press on mine, and if you mess up...well, you can't really fix it. ;) It's a romantic idea, typing up your work on a typewriter, but not an efficient method. It sounds like you've figured out a way to have the best of both worlds, though - congrats! ;)


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