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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hiya! Annika here. Today I'm going to interview a friend and and fellow nanoer of mine. I hope you enjoy this! 

Q: This probably isn’t a question, but how about you introduce your awesome self to our readers? XD

A: Oh! Sure, no prob! *waves cheekily* Whaddup, people? I’m Jasmine, AKA CinderScoria. Most people just call me Cinder though!
Q: You have an interesting take on the forever warring angels and demons in your novel, The Lucky One. But they’re not fighting by human standards of good and evil. They’re acting on their own merits, traditions and values. What made you decide to take on this view?

A: I had this scene pop into my head, where Lucky learns that Ava and Brock are a demon and an angel, respectively. But Lucky automatically assumes that Ava’s the angel, and she gets annoyed by it. It made me think that maybe demons aren’t perpetually evil, you know? Maybe angels just seized the humans’ good vs. evil perspective and painted them as the bad guys. And then that scene grew into a book and… well, you know the rest.
Q: What inspires you?

A: For writing? Music does. Other writers do. Contests especially, because I’m very competitive and I love prompts. I also have great friends who encourage me and my writing, so that’s another thing.
Q: Do you have any other hobbies or likes you’d like to share?

A: I sing and act. Majorly. If I could do all three—singing, writing, and acting—as a career, I would. I also play the piano and the guitar, and I am a bit of a linguist.
Q: If your book is published (and it will be ;D) do you ever think there is a chance some people will try to ban it? What do you think of that?

A: Oh gosh, yes. When I started writing it I didn’t realize how controversial it would get, but I am taking a lot of things from the Bible—which I have read and respect—that could anger some people. Gabriel, for instance, is a character in my book. So is God (or Adam, as I call him) and Lucifer. It takes the idea that they’re not good and evil, they’re just races in a misunderstanding that has lasted for… a very long time. It’s fiction, but at the same time it’s really cutting it close on the line.
Q: What is your favorite genre to write?

A: Mystery and action, actually. This is my first time writing fantasy. I love crime thrillers.
Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Gah, I have to pick one? James Patterson is tied with Rick Riordan. And Gorman Korman.
Q: What is your favorite book or book series?

A: My all-time favorite book series is the Hardy Boys. I grew up with them. LOVE them. I also love the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series, and the Chronicles of Nick (Infinity and Invincible) series. My all-time favorite book is… Princess Academy. Probably. But there are so many of them, I just don’t know.
Q: Who, in your opinion, is the most awesomesauce character in literature?

A: Oh, I can’t choose one. There’re too many. Book literature, I’d have to say… Nick Gautier (Chronicles of Nick). I have died of laughter reading his snarky remarks. He is so awesome. Um, movies and television, it’s a serious tie between Riley Poole (National Treasure) and Carlos Garcia (Big Time Rush). DON’T LAUGH. They’re both amazingly epic, and I like Carlos because he’s one of the first genuinely happy-go-lucky guys I’ve seen. So there.
Q: What author do you aspire to be like?

A: Either Ally Carter or Rick Riordan. I love their plot styles and the way they incorporate danger and humor. It clicks so well with them!
Q: Do you plan out your novels or just wing it?

A: I plan them. Every single step. And even then it goes way off course. I’ve edited The Lucky One, like, nine times and it’s still in the editing stage.
Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

A: Um, stay in school, kids, and stay true to your heart. Honestly, I’m youthful and I’m proud to say that I like the things I like and I don’t care what other people think. It doesn’t matter what they say—it’s your life and you can live it the way you want to.
Yeah, I’m not good at cheesy advice-giving sessions.
Thanks for interviewing me!
Oh Cinder, you are very, very welcome! Again, I hope you enjoyed this!  Be sure to check out her awesome novel, The Lucky One, on Wattpad!


  1. I like your favorite authors list. James Patterson and Rick Riordan are infinitely awesome.

    Your novel sounds interesting. Sort of like fanfiction for the universe. I like it. Good luck with it!

    Thanks for doing the interview, Pink/Jasmine!


  2. CinderScoriaFebruary 23, 2012

    Aww, thanks! Yes, they definitely are. *happy sigh* Wow, "fanfiction for the universe"-- I never thought of it like that! Cool perspective! ^_^

  3. Awesome interview! :) I love a lot of those books as well.
    @Cinder, your story sounds really interesting; I'll definitely read it when you publish it.


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