A Burning Inspiration

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fire doesn't really scare me. Not unless it's untamed. Or a threat. Still, I don't really care for it. Usually. 

But lately, I've kind of had a fixation with it. Not the fire itself, the embers, really. And yes, that does mean:

My favorite name is currently Ember 
My favorite phrase is 'Playing with fire' (by the way, I don't condone this. I just like the dangerous edge to the words) 
It has inspired some writing

Something is alluring about the glowing red orbs that linger for hours after you snuff out the flames, barely keeping their hold on life. They eventually go out and are relatively harmless, but remember, they are fire. You can't forget that.  


  1. Yeah, playing with fire is a cool saying!

  2. You know, you should read 'Chalice' by Robin McKinley. It gave me a 'burning' love for fire and flames, and delighted my imagination.

    A Hero made of flames? Come on, whats not to love?

  3. very cool i love getting lost in the sight and smell of a campfire its definitly mesmerizing and i agree i love the dangerous edge of the phrase playing with fire hehe awsome post

  4. Hahaha, my cousin's middle name is Ember. Seriously!! Her Star Wars character OC is named "Ember Sparkstone". The Legendary Ember Sparkstone,to be precise. ;)

    Good post, and I love "playing with fire"...when in a controlled environment of course. :D

  5. Do you know anybody named Ember? :P Or do you know JC's cousin?

  6. @JC: I forgot about her! Neat :D

    @Amaranthine: Oh, I don't know her cousin or anybody named it.

  7. Wow, you sooo have the mind of a writer!!
    I loooove embers! I find them incredibly beautiful.


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