Homeschooling Myths: Debunked

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Okay, I would like to set the record straight: I homeschool. Yep.  And I love it. But what I hate about it (besides perhaps a bit of math) are all  the ridiculous stereotypes. So, here I am to debunk them:  

Q: How do you hang out with other kids?
A: Well, besides the fact that a lot of homeschooling families are large, with the children being no more than two or three years apart, what about relatives? The internet? Going out? We get the same exposure to other kids without the bullying and peer pressure factors that come with it.

Q: Do you ever do any work? How do you learn?
A: The SAME WAY you do! We have a teacher, textbooks, the internet, encyclopedia etc. 

Q: It must be amazing to not have to ever do any school work!
A: Um, no. Ask any of us and we will set you straight. No, I will: That is the farthest from the truth I've ever heard! Did you have too many Kool-aid and Skittles?  (Did you know Skittles almost have the same amount of acid as a car battery?! O.o)

Q: You know, you aren't technically qualified to have a Highschool Diploma since you never went to a real highschool, right?    
A: WRONG! We usually do more work than you, we work faster and sometimes do other subjects because we like or just feel like doing them for fun. From what I can tell, a lot of homschoolers are graduating at like, 15. 

Q: You are SOOOOOOO lucky. I wish I could sleep in all day and do whatever I want! 
A: Me too. But mostly only after we do our schoolwork is when that happens.  

Q: EW! You homeschool? You really should stop, because that's only going to get you on the other side of the drivethrough line! Gawwwwd. 
A: I can't even answer that... out of my sheer anger. 

Q: What about College?
A: It's a known fact that Colleges want homschoolers because they'll work harder and represent the school well. So, what about it?

Q: Do you wear pajamas all day?
A: If we feel like it.

Q: Do you have any friends?
A:. Yes, some of us don't. But some publicschoolers don't either.

Annika Elipton signing off! May the Force be with you! 

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  1. Awesome! I am Kayla from LHF! I am homeschooled two and love it! Really good answers!
    I like your blog!


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