A Friend In Need... of a KISS!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here are my thoughts on the latest Clone Wars Episode:

1. After Ahsoka saved Lux and brought him to her ship, he pulled a gun on her. She turned it on him, but he tazered her.
2. They were discussing plans when Deathwatch walked in. As Ahsoka was pretending to be Lux's betrothed, they kissed. 

(Only, their heads were moving. So, yeah.... oh, and I think Ahsoka was enjoying it a little. Just a little.)

3. Ahsoka was dragged back to Deathwatch's camp via liquid cables after Deathwatch subdued her.
4. Ahsoka was AWESOME. Nuff' said.
5. And when Lux left in a escape pod, Ahsoka was like: But we can change the Galaxy together!
Um, WHERE have we heard this before? *coughaniandpadm├Ęcough*

So, to my and many other fans' horror and disgust, Luxsoka has come to be, albeit however lightly.

A raging Annika Elipton signing off! May the Force (and all things not Luxsoka related) be with you!

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