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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

let me tell you a story.

once upon a time, there was a little girl. she loved bright colors, and these magical little pieces of plastic called legos were some of her dearest possessions. she played with them day in and day out. she traded them, she saved up her money to get them. she loved how any piece could connect to any other piece. she was creator and destroyer. it was her world, people could fly, be mayor at ten years old and start five star restaurants on a whim. you could live next to jedi and kick sith out of the neighborhood.

something happened.

somewhere along the way, those little pieces stopped being so magical, at least to her. she started losing and trading away more and more of them, until there weren't any left. and it wasn't a gradual thing. she just woke up one day and found herself like that.

but that little girl still loved bright colors, and she found other ways to express it. she now builds with words, and with photos. she loves it. but, every once and a while, she goes back to those building blocks. which didn't only hold up little plastic people, but at one point, her.

that girl was me, though I'm not so little anymore. don't forget what you love, guys. okay?

xoxo | annika

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