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Monday, October 15, 2012

Vicky's one of those types you have to understand before you really enjoy knowing. She does what she does in a slower process than normal that's definitely worth it. And you always have to remember to fully wind her or you risk exposing her film and loosing a good deal of your images.

...did I mention Vicky is a camera? Ahem.

I found her the other day for three dollars and ninety-nine cents in a thrift store. (Right next to a vintage Polaroid that I didn't get because I can't afford the endgame cost of the film made by the  Impossibly Priced Project.) Anyways, Vicky's in fairly good condition and I want to know more about her, but it seems the RX-7 and Sitacon brand in general are pretty much a cult interest. Sigh.


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  1. Hii!!!!
    I'm a new follower of this awesome blog and i was just wondering if you would sponsor my blog(and I could sponosr yours?)? If you are interested here is my e-mail! Lovely post btw.:)

    1. Hi Hawwa! Thanks for your kind words, but I don't offer swap sponsoring at this time. I usually approach blogs similar to mine on a case-by-case basis, not the other way around.

  2. hi i just bought this too and i have no idea anything about it and it's weird yeah, google won't tell me anything! did you get any info on it yet? let's chat yo

    1. Everything I've learned about Vicky is from basic trial and error. She's in working condition but her winder is broken. I usually have to go into a dark room and manually wind/push any used film back into the cartridge by hand. Other than that, it's a nice camera. :)

      thank you for commenting | annika

      +she takes standard 35mm film. I recommend Fujifilm.


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