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Monday, September 17, 2012

 not my dog. sadly.

Today, I'm going to talk about some of my pet peeves, habits and give a few tips when it comes to photography.

Shoot outside. 
I have an aversion to taking pictures inside and the horror that is--dun dun dun--the flash. If you haven't noticed, nearly all of my pictures are taken outdoors. No joke. Natural light, be it the soft, silvery rays of a sunrise, the golden hues of the afternoon or the high-noon sun on the hottest day of summer, is almost always better. But between you and me, I envy those craft bloggers who always seem to have perfect lighting in their  indoor-taken DIY pics. I want their secret.

Don't over edit. 
If you're new to editing, I know it's neigh impossible to not go all APPLY ALL THE FILTERS on your pics. Look at my archives from around April if you're wondering what I'm talking about. Wait, um, actually, don't do that. Anyways, the most you need is some simple color adjustment, a very mild filter some or B+W. Maybe Sepia, if you're feeling ambitious. I suggest

Watermark like copyright laws don't exist.
I know some people find watermarks ugly and disruptive on pictures, but you know what's even more ugly and disruptive? People stealing other peoples' images. Don't give me such a surprised look--it happens. So stay safe. A picture is better off watermarked than stolen.

Less is more. 
We all fall prey to the post-an-ungodly-amount-of-pictures bug sometimes, especially after a vacation or wedding shoot, but this is one of the main things I can't stand about blogging. They slow down (and sometimes even freeze!) most peoples' internet and browser. I know you have tons of amazing pics to share, but either save them for a later date or pick out your favorite ten or twelve. 

Cut back.
Photography is a gamble. Maybe with the right angle and lighting, you can get that shot. If you mess up but take another right away, you got a shot, but not the shot. While I haven't done this myself--digital photography is too addictive--during your next shoot, limit yourself to 24 shots; as if you were using film. 

Know your partner.
Did you know that on some point-and-shoots you can change your ISO? Zoom? Even switch to black and white, shoot video in full HD or do all of the above underwater? Read your camera's manual or do a Google search--know what it can do.

Thanks for reading! What are your photography tips and tricks? What type of camera do you have? Tell me in the comments section!


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