TCWT Blog Chain - September

Sunday, September 9, 2012

“How much does setting affect your novels and stories? What are some of your favorite ways to portray setting?”

I love setting. It's one of the biggest parts of any story--Brave would not have been Brave without Disney-Pixar's beautiful, cool hued take on ancient (Celtic?) Scotland. Harry Potter would have not been HP without Hogwarts. (Ravenclaw House FTW!) And so on.

But as much as I love setting, it's something I struggle with. When I first started writing, setting wasn't important to me. I'm serious--even as recently as six months ago I could have an idea before plopping it in a mind-bogglingly different setting. Then another. And another. And another. 

This year, I'm doing major planning for my NaNoWriMo 12' novel, Deathwish. Aside from trying as hard as I can to make sure my main character, Kyrie Deccad, is both well rounded and relatable; I'm paying attention to setting as well. Politics and the polluted, toxic environment of my world play a big part in my novel.

One of my favorite ways to portray setting is to have it be mainly an effect of my character's actions. If she's joined a rebellion, the only person she can blame is herself when she gets banned from the showers for a month for using four times her allotted water supply per week.


Alright, I should probably stop before this becomes a long winded dialog about the horrors I plan to inflict on the cast of Deathwish. *cough* Thank you for reading, everyone, and I look forward to your commentary. Tell me, what are some of your favorite parts about setting and how do they affect your stories?
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  1. Wahey! Ravenclaw House are obviously the best, with all due respect to anyone wandering around who ISN'T cool enough to be one of us...

    1. *Claw' fistbump of epicness* No offense, other houses... but agreed. :P

      And as a testament to my Ravenclawness, I would like to point out you intended to write 'Ravenclaw House is obviously the best'. ;)


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