Le Summer List

Friday, July 6, 2012

inspired by stella 
learn more about coding completed7/28/12
learn something new completed7/28/12
have something exiting to blog about completed 8/24/12
start painting again completed 7/29/12
grow something completed 7/9/12
make friendship bracelets for shelby, nora, autumn, maegen and grace completed 8/25/12
catch up on reading
let my nails grow out completed  
take more pictures completed 
start planning this year's nanowrimo completed 

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  1. Wows... did you take those pictures? :P You're getting superduper good! Friendship bracelets? :D Sounds ahmazing, Annika! I have no yarn or thread, or I'd make one for you too... lulz. Plus, I can't braid stuff. Or knit stuff... or basically do anything with that sort of stuff. I can totally try, though. See what I come up with. I will not take offence if you decide you'd rather not wear it. xD


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