summertime plans

Thursday, June 7, 2012

summer is made of hysterical laughter and great friends. summer is made of memories that will last you a lifetime, anything from a trip to the pool to meeting online friends for the first time. summer is made of sunny days and humid nights, cloud-spotting and star gazing. 

In other words, 15 DAYS TILL SUMMER PEOPLE!! Seeing as I do school work all year around and my feet hurt walking across hot patios, I technically don't have too much to be excited about. Except getting to do writing and science one grade up. There's also this one other teeny-tiny ridiculously awesome thing, but I'll tell you at the end of August... 

Anyhow, I have some pretty cool stuff planned for Writing Beyond the Moon this summer. I'm considering doing a giveaway {nothing's definite yet, even though I have my eye on a couple potential sponsors}, but I need to be sure people will enter so I'm not wasting my {and other peoples'} time. Thoughts?

love ya bunches,


  1. I'm graduating O_O so i will have an interesting summer too.

    giveaway? i'm not allowed to give out my address or anything but i will enter if i can...?

    Love the blog design!!

  2. The success of giveaways depend almost entirely on how good the prizes are... Lots of people have giveaways that no one enters cause the prizes aren't worth the trouble.

    I suggest you wait for a really good prize, something that you would actually want. XD :P I'll be looking forward to it!

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    "meeting online friends for the first time"...ooh, I'm intrigued! I'd love to meet bloggy friends in person at some point, and if you've got the chance to meet an online friend this summer than YAY FOR YOU! How exciting! :D

    Also, this is just me, but I'd be happy to enter a giveaway if you decided to host one. :) I'll keep an eye open for it!


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