Blogging Pet Peeves

Friday, June 1, 2012

As I said when I started a RP Pet Peeves thread once, we all have 'em. This is, in essence, a '10 Things I Hate About Your Blog' post, but with a less extreme title and no number confinements. Let's begin.

Autoplay music.
Many, many blogs I enjoy have autoplay music, so bear with me. Music itself is fine, as long as I have the option to turn it on myself. I probably won't, as someone who keeps her computer on mute the majority of the time. We humans love having power, and when that power is taken away, we get POed. Autoplay music takes away my power to decide and sends me on a wild goose chase through my hectic tabbed and windowed browsing to discover the source of this darned tune. And when, by golly, one of my favorite blogs is the culprit...

Unreadable post fonts.
I understand you want your blog to be 'unique' and 'your own', but for the love of chocolate, don't make me read anything other than Georgia, Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Verdana and fonts of a similar appearance. They are the norm for a reason. That reason being most people like their sight as it is. 

Comic Sans--ANYWHERE. 

Many less design savvy people use these on their gadget, blog and post titles, thinking it's 'cute'. A word to the wise: DON'T. I'm waiting till all my text editors and browsers are closed to delete Comic Sans off the face of my system. I didn't really see what all the fuss was about before, but I now see it's a terrible font. 

Guest posts all about the author. 
Say one of your favorite bloggers is going on a break and promises four great guest posters. Well, the first two are awesome, but then you get one where the GP talks only about themselves. Would you find yourself annoyed at their thinly-veiled excuse to promote their blog and not remotely interested in the third poster, even dying for the blog owner to come back? Well, I have. And it's annoying. 

Terrible blog designs.
I'm one to talk. If I saw my blog anytime before April, I might have been scarred for life.
Moving on, in my book, terrible blog designs might even mean having too much going on. With ads from other blogs, etsy shops, AdSense and doubled up sidebars, you just might send someone to their knees in prayer. There's something too 'It's only business' about it. Especially if I can barely read your cramped post space.

Bad spelling and grammar.
We all make mistakes, but when you obviously don't even read over the line you just typed, we have a problem. And the next time I ever read something like "lol u kno u speled grammer rong, write? lol" anywhere on the internet... -_- 

I've seen bloggers older than myself who have even shorter posts than me and have a writing voice similar to that of an eight year old's. It's quite eye-roll worthy in my opinion, though not something I really can change.

20 days till summer//halfway through 2012,
the authoress

PS} The faq page is now live! Go on and check it out!
Also, I'm aware that my bloglove page no longer exists. It's in a gadget on the sidebar, below my button. If your blog was not added or moved to a lower ranking, let me state it's nothing personal. I just grew tired of the long list and decided to add only the blogs I can honestly say I check at least once a week. That, and I try to avoid blogs that post too many images that don't belong to them, no matter how much I enjoy reading. 


  1. Well, I've removed my Music playlist yesterday....happy? ^.^

  2. Hey Annika,
    I have one of those toggle down menus that works great, but I want one of the menus (the about me) to go to a new page when I click on it. Does that make sense? And I know I've seen you use it before, so I was wondering if you can give me the html code for it. Thanks in advance.

  3. pppt. XD I love this post! <3 <3 You perfectly described the frantic hunt through all of my tabs whenever I experience autoplay music....

  4. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    I agree with you 100% It annoys me when I love the content of the blog but hate the way it's posted...


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