dear boys//girls

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've decided to join the 'dear boys/girls' linkup, so here we go!

Dear Lux Bonteri,
Stay away from Ahsoka.
Sincerely, I'm Watching You

Dear Clone Wars Team,
Season five trailer. Need I say more?
Sincerely, Still Waiting

Dear Twitter,
How the heck did the rumor One Direction is gay get onto world wide trends? I guess you're called Twitter for a reason...
Sincerely, Shame On You

Dear Artemis Fowl,
You sound so epic in audiobook form.
Sincerely, I'm Crying Rainbows

Dear Big Time Rush,
Why is Elevate so dang catchy? And why is your live performance of it so epic?
Sincerely, Going to Listen to It Again

Dear Spongebob,
You are on the most ignorant show I have ever seen. It's said to reduce intelligence, actually. But I still have no idea why your foolishness makes me go red the in the face with laughter. 
Sincerely, Annika

Dear Me,
Finish that writing book before you start another one.
Sincerely, You

Dear Korra,
You'd get along so well with Ahsoka. 
Sincerely, You Are Epic 

Dear Cow's Milk,
Stay away from me. We are no longer friends.
Sincerely, Avoiding You Like the Plague 

Dear Ahsoka,
Don't run away with Lux Bonteri. The wrath of an anti-Luxsoka fan is much greater than you can imagine. 
Sincerely, Jedi In Training

Dear Library Books,
Darn your due dates.
Sincerely, You're Awesome

P.S. This is totes Demi's theme song.


  1. LOL! That's Epic, Annika.

    No kidding I was already listening to that exact One Direction song when I came on your blog! XD

  2. same here! for one direction stuff visit my blog:

  3. Ok, so, I might have to lift my hate on 1D.....They ARE good. But I dont know yet. Ate they more like Taylor Swift, or Justin Annoying Beiber?

  4. Okay, I have GOT to listen to Artemis Fowl in audiobook form. :D

  5. Ooh, I have something to add to your "Dear Library Books":

    Dear Library Books: Can I just keep you forever? Sincerely, the Abibliophobic Bookworm

    Best of luck finishing your book! :D


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