Write For One and Write For All

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Okay, no matter where a writer goes, there will be someone who won't like their work or will think of every single reason to debunk it. From asking a question:

"Why would there be a [blank]?" 

To accusing you of something:

"You're messing up [blank]!"

 It seems like it would be the most fun to just laugh in the person's face and ignore them, but sometimes it's not that easy. Truthfully, you can't care what anyone thinks. You won't get anywhere if you're trying to please everyone. And if in some magical way you do, then there is a 000.1 percent chance you're happy. If you are, well then, great! Most likely, you aren't, though. Which is bad.You should write for yourself. Not your friends. Not your English teacher. Not whoever else. You.  

But who cares? If they do have a problem with your writing, have them be the villain and then have the hero(es) in your newest novel take. Them. Down.  

Ahem. Kidding...

But writing is meant to ask a question: What if a girl/boy/man/woman/animal etc. decided to [insert action] and another girl/boy/man/woman/animal etc. did [blank] in retaliation to [blank] and then [blank] happened leading all up to [blank]?

As for when when people say you're 'breaking the rules'- what rules? Each writer has his own rules, because different things work for different people!  If you told ten writers to write the same novel, each would go about it differently. One would outline, one would wing it. Another would do a little each day for a month, another would stay up all night for a week writing.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why there are no true rules to writing.  Outside of formatting, spelling, grammar etc. that is ;)


  1. We have poetic license! We make the rules as we go!

    Maybe that's why I dislike sports.....where there are preset rules I can't change...

  2. Great post your exactly right. If you don't enjoy your writing whats the point in doing it. Write because you love to write, not to please others. Love the message fantastic post girly :)

  3. Yeah, I totally agree! That's what I've found recently. My novel is a bit odd, but I thought, "Hey, why should I follow standard rules and make my writing something it doesn't' want to be?" So yeah, away with conformism ^_^

  4. I totally agree!!!! I'm learning about writing in school, but I'm learning the whole fundamental "RULES" of writing. NO NO NO NO. Writing HAS NO RULES. Writing is an expression of our creativity, of our lives. It should have nothing to do with rules. I strongly believe that beyond grammar and spelling, writing should not have rules. ;)

    Fal <3

  5. Absolutely! There's no such thing as a right way to write. Everyone does it differently. I do think that it's a good idea to get critiques on your work if you plan to get published; however, critique is not the same as debunking, and if someone is just plain insulting your work then it's probably a good idea to not show them said work anymore. ;)

    Fabulous post! And by the way, I love the adorable new design. :D Hugs!


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