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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey, have any of your ever had that feeling? That in blogging, no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone better? Not nicer, prettier, funnier- just better? I mean, if you get a 100 followers, I guarantee somebody else has 1000, and somebody else has 5000.

Yeah. That feeling.

Nobody ever gets it all at once, I think. They just get it sometimes, in little amounts. Like, no matter how awesome your design is, someone has a better designer or is better at HTML. Or has longer, more thoughtful posts- that you can't help but love because they're just so darn thoughtful.

Yeah, well, I'm here to tell you something: don't bother trying to copy everyone. Because if you did, you'd be in one hot mess. Besides, what happens when someone is better than the person your trying to copy?

Dr. Seuss put it better than anybody:

 Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

So, why try to be someone else? Who really deserves to have two of them upon this earth anyways? I mean, that wouldn't be fair to the other six billion, nine hundred ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine peeps on the planet, now would it? You're you, and your blog should reflect that. Not Awesome McAwesomescreenname's.

So, I've decided something.

I usually stay away from touchy topics like politics on this blog. The only truly universal topic I've ever blatantly given my opinion on [here] is home/unschooling. But I've decided something: who cares if someone doesn't agree with me? It's my blog, the world and it's actions filtered through my lens.

 I used to be afraid to make enemies and upset people just because I didn't agree with them on a topic like whether or not the President is doing a good job - and I think he's doing great, with all the stones people hurl at him. There's nothing wrong with being polite, but I also think you're entitled to your opinion too- and no, that does not mean you can talk straight up trash about somebody. I mean about more national/universal things.

 As in: why do Christians consider Muslims their mortal enemy, again? They are not all terrorists, just like Christians are not all evangelicals. And don't start with the suppressing women thing, because while it may be very, very true, Christians do their fair share of it too. Enough with the stereotypes, people.

Or: why don't homosexuals deserve basic human rights? I thought the idea (of homosexuality) was a little surprising at first, but in the end, why is it our business? And as for abortion, what are you going to do if the fetus you save is gay? I don't condone abortion, but I don't think people should just straight up decide when it comes to someone else and their child's future.

*silence at Annika's jawdropping opinions*

I know some of you might not agree with this, and that's okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Because I like to think that for every hater in the world, there is a lover. And by that, I don't mean people who simply disagree with some of the stuff I said. Of course not, that wouldn't be reasonable.



  1. Great post!!! I completely agree with you. I also think that our President is doing a good job, especially with all of the mean things people say to and about him. Obama for 2012! :D
    :D :)

  2. I think what people don't get is you can disagree with someone and NOT be a hater. I disagree with Obama..do I hate him? Nope. I disagree with Muslim views, but do I hate the Muslim people? Not at all! I disagree with Lesbians...But I have an Aunt who is very much Gay, and I still love her. I DO hate abortion. That is plain and simple. But do I think all Doctors who assist in that should be killed, stoned, and drug into the streets? No. I just think it should be illegal.

    I will say, I would be very much a Tea Party memeber if I was older. And I'm even thinking about looking into seeing if they have Jr. Members, and if I can go to their rallies. I share my birthday with Sarah Palin, and I'm proud of that. I don't think Obama should win 2012. But, I DO NOT hate people who do. I think Christians should love everyone, even those who disagree with them. If you are a Hater, and call yourself a Christian, you have problems. Big ones.

  3. Have fun astonishing people with your radical opinions XD

    Actually, I know a lot of people who'd agree with you, so maybe you don't have to worry.

    You're wrong on one thing-many modern middle eastern countries do horrifically oppress women. It's a fact that in countries like Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive, vote, or go out in public without a veil or a robe. In other countries they can't go to school or go out in public at all without a man accompanying them.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future, though XD It'll be fun XD.

    And I'm certainly prepared to say what I think on any number of polarizing subjects-I just avoid discussing things online, but that's just me. XD


  4. @Ashley: Oh, I know plenty of people who disagree with a lot of the things I said, and they're pretty awesome. It's okay, I meant hater-haters, not you or someone else who just dislikes Obama ;)

    @Amar: Yep, I know, and I probably worded that wrong. I've fixed it since then.

  5. I wasn't offended, not at all! I was just pointing out that OTHER people, like, let me use an example.

    Sue doesn't agree with John that all flowers should be red. But, instead of just saying, "Well, we don't agree, but that is fine", she starts being a hater. saying that everyone who prefers Red flowers is Stupid, dumb, demoralized..ect ect.

    I think some people forget, you don't have to be a hater if you disagree!! Just have different views. There is nothing wrong with Sue liking all the colors, nor John liking just Red ones...different POVs.

    Thats basically what I was trying to say.


    I am also with Amaranthine, while I might not totally agree with you, I AM looking forward to more posts like this! I promise not to let the debater inside me wake up. Pinkie promise.

  6. Great post. Exactly just be you and you will have a good blog (noticed your followers followed you not because of your popularity but because they wanted to hear what you had to say)

    I will say i don't agree with everything you said. but you make some very valid points and this is your blog and you have the right to free speech. I have actually been working on a hot topic issues post for my blog.

    Don't let fear of what others will think stop you from speaking your heart. it can be done civily and most people are smart enough to realize that not everyone is going to agree with them 100% of the time otherwise the world would be very boring. I am definitly looking foward to reading more of your posts. Great blog and Great post.

  7. I applaud you. I also think the president is doing a great job. He thankfully didn't put America into another Depression or war. Which is a good thing.
    Also I agree with no one should just decide another child's future, if it's not their child. As well as the one where the talk of homosexuality shouldn't be our business. And that we shouldn't try to change who they are.
    After all they're human as well.

  8. Great post! I think you're doing a pretty dang awesome job as a blogger :)

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  10. Yay yay yay! Annika, this post is amazing, and I am 100% behind your decision to post your opinions on controversial issues. Every human being is unique, and every human being has unique opinions. The conflicts come when we don't know how to accept other people's opinions and politely share our own. And blogging is a perfect way for us to start presenting our own well-informed and politely-worded opinions. :)

    You are totally entitled to your own opinions, and I'm being totally and completely honest when I say that I'm really excited to read your upcoming posts! :D