New Blog Design//Description of Changes!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hiya! Annika here. Over the last few days I have been tweaking my blog's design, and I'm very happy with the results. I thought's I'd go over and list the changes for you curious folk :)

Change: I have disabled copy and paste. The only thing you can copy now will be the codes for my new buttons.
Why: Because as a writer, I have no sympathy for or about the idea of my work -posts and snippets- being stolen. I know this will provide a hindrance to those who wish to quote and credit me on their own blog with good intentions, but this is just as a precaution.

Change: New header!
Why: Well, I wanted a header originally, but I was just starting out and had this idea all writing blogs had a vintage, forest-y, autumn colors feel about them. Yep, and I now know that isn't true. The main reason my blog design changed so often before was I was learning, wanted to try different things and because I was unsure about using hot pink, which is a color I love above all others. I have no idea how, but somehow hearts got in the mix, as you've seen over the last few days. I guess since I love writing, they fit right in.

Change: New Buttons.
WhyActually, the header I have now was inspired by the buttons. As you can see, hearts are still a going theme. If you have my button on your blog, please switch out the one you have for one of the new ones. The first one is circular and the last two are square. 

Change: Blog Lovin' gadget. 
Why:  I've been seeing this on a few blogs, so I went to the site, On a whim, I searched my own blog, and it turned out there's one person who follows me through it! So, I've decided to go on and add the gadget.

Change: I've finally figured out how to make the post title grow bigger (or smaller) and change color when hovered over.
Why: I've always wanted to do this, since I thought it looked cute. It was a little trial and error, but I'm very happy about the results.

Also, have you heard? Picnik is closing! Nah, kidding. Most people on the internet have known and been enraged about it for more than a couple months. I used to think everyone was overreacting and all, since I was using fotoflexer more then.

But I used it to create my newest blog design images, and I'm blown away by the results with the (now free) premium features. There are some things it can't do, but a lot of people use it. I also realized we'd lose many of the awesome fonts that seem pretty much exclusive to it as well.

Well, good news:  a website called has tons of downloadable fonts that include Star Wars (search for Jedi, not Star Wars), Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. It's very easy to find most fonts featured on Picnik, so set aside some time, open Fonts and get ready to extract some files. You can only use them in word, Paint or other text using programs that came with your computer, though. You might edit your images in Picnik, Picasa, fotoflexer etc., but to use your installed fonts you'll have to open them in Paint or word.


  1. Your blog's new look is gorgeous, I love the buttons! I can totally understand why you'd disable the "copy-paste" thing...though when recipe blogs do it... I get a little testy :) Thanks for reminding me about Fotoflexer, I was trying to remember what it was called but I just couldn't :P
    -trinka @ {Amazing Love}

  2. I'm the one follower on bloglovin'! :-).

  3. Seriously? Aw, thanks! :)

  4. Loving the changes. your blog looks fantastic. Looking foward to seeing what you have in store. Love ya girly God bless

  5. Yes I totally loooove the way your blog looks! simple, happy, lovely! I love your buttons and banner ^_^
    (that little ring rocks!!)

  6. Your blog is super cute, I love the new design! Kudos for figuring out how to do all that HTML stuff - it overwhelms me a little too much right now, haha. ;) Keep up the good work!


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