Five Minute Friday- Gift

Friday, March 30, 2012

We've all seen this linkup at one time or another- write for five minutes on a Friday and link up.  Today's tag is 'Gift'...Want to try it too? Click here.


Life is a gift. One that, once lost, is never given again. It's more valuable than diamonds, rarer than the the most prized ruby and more perishable than the best dishes. 


Love is a gift. Not easily won, no matter how fast things go. Months for one person, days for another. The cheapest to get, and the hardest to loose. But it is a fickle thing- one wrong word, one wrong move, and it fades away, disappearing into the whispering air.  


Children are a gift. One that only few people give thanks for. Others- for others, a child's laugh is something to worry about, a hug that is pushed away, a drawing that is christened ugly, and a life that is ignored.



I suppose this was rather short, but I hope you enjoyed it! Also, I need to stop forgetting my linkups- I'll be sure to make Silver Lining Sundays and we'll pick up from there. Also, did I tell you I won last week's Beauty in Design Challenge? For those of you who voted for me, thanks, because I had a lot of fun. :) 


  1. Always hard to write it all out in 5-minutes. :)

  2. Life, love and children - definitely all gifts and blessings. :) Great job, Annika - to have written that in five minutes is pretty good! Mine probably would have been about one sentence long. ;) Hugs!

  3. Nice blog. You might like this poem about life being a gift.


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