No Matter What

Thursday, February 9, 2012

 Sometimes, people want to chance things about themselves. On a bad hair day, you may wish it was straighter or thinner. On days when math is feeling too hard, you wish you'd never ever have to do it. On days when you just want to cry or something made you upset, you never want to see them/it again.
But wait.
What about the things you'd never change about yourself, no matter what? 

I know that I solemnly swear to:

Never, ever, stop writing. Even if I have to make the ink by melting my own hair and writing on leaves. 
Never, ever, stop being Queen of Imaginationa, where all are welcome. 
Never, ever, stop laughing.
Never, ever, stop believing there is a hero in all of us waiting to fly. 
Never, ever, stop being my geeky, epic self. 
Never, ever, stop being happy. If you make me upset, yeah, I'll cry a bit if it's really bad, but who cares? 

Now, what do you solemnly swear to never change?

P.S.  I am so sorry I never got spotlight author out this week. Even though I have tons of authors I love, I'm not sure which to do. Sigh. Well, we'll try again next week...

1 comment :

  1. Never stop living in my own Fantasy realm.
    Never stop being a Queen of Random information.
    Never stop being a reader/writer.
    Never stop being myself.
    Never let others sway my opinions.
    Never let my dreams die.

    Beautiful post, Annika!


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