Short Story: the Diamond Necklace

Friday, January 6, 2012

Abigail stepped onto the school bus, slinking quickly towards the back, with the other sixth graders. But when she laid her bag at her feet and sat down, something crinkled beneath her. Frowning, she reached under herself, pulling out a hastily wrapped brown-paper package. Scrawled in angry letterers on the front was her name. Curious, she turned towards the window, quietly splitting open the end of the package. Something winked back at her in the sunlight.
She immediately pushed it back inside, thrusting it under her hoodie. When the bus screeched to a stop she was the first one off, tripping into her front yard. She skirted around her house to her backyard, climbing up her tree house ladder.
Once she was sure she was alone, she relaxed, opening the package in one quick rip. Out tumbled a brilliantly shining diamond necklace. It had twelve large diamonds sen in it, the largest it's pride and joy. It shined the brightest, and unlike the other ones, which were cool to the touch, it was a steady, humming warm.
Abigail slipped it on. Nothing happened.
She sighed. "So it's not magic..." she muttered, disappointed. But then again, she always was. She exited the tree house, forgetting to take the necklace off. Half-way across the back yard, she remembered. But when she reached up, it was gone. In its place was a lovely pink, crystal beaded necklace.
Abigail blinked in shock. But she noticed that the center bead in her necklace was warm. Like the diamond.
Suddenly, she realized that the necklace had transformed.
Shaking her head, she headed in though the back door. She plopped down on the sofa, remote in hand. But her older brother, Leslie, or Les as he liked to be called, sailed by, swiping the remote from her.
Abigail frowned. "Give it back. I was here first." She snapped.
Les smirked, brushing off his black jeans and tee shirt and cleaning his glasses before speaking. "Like I would-" Suddenly, his eyes glazed over. "Of course, dear sister." He said in a monotone voice.
Abigail's mouth dropped open. "W-what?"
"I said-" Les started.
"I heard what you said." Abigail cut him off. "But why are you agreeing with me?"
"Not sure." Les said numbly.
Abigail stared at her brother for a moment. She gasped, bolting out the room. She chucked the remote behind herself. It landed on the floor, splitting in two.
She tried to chuck the necklace as well, but it burned her hand, leaving angry red spots. Close to tears, she raced out the room, in to the kitchen.
Her mother looked up from the soup she was preparing. "Abby, what's wrong?!" She rushed to her daughter.
Abigail was crying now. "Mom, this necklace won't come off!"'
Her mother rolled her eyes. Calmly, she reached around her daughter's neck and undid the clasp. "Here." She turned back to her soup.
"Bu- bu- buh!" Abigail protested, shocked. Suddenly, her face composed itself. She took the necklace and hurled it out the window, not saying another word.

The End.

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